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SCHLEBACH is a folded roof covering suitable for roofs with 3 ° tilt. The ideal foundation is a full-body wooden shuttering. To the substrate, the roofing strips are fixed by rigid and sliding supports that are not visible (so-called “anchorages”). The individual roofing strips are joined by several types of joints for both transverse and longitudinal joints.


DACHSTEIN self-supporting roof metal sheet metal roofing is produced by cold pressing. It is designed for new buildings or reconstructions of roof rails. As input material for production is used rolled sheet 1250mm with steel core, hot-dip galvanized and surface treated with organic coating, material thickness 0,50mm.


The classic appearance and simple assembly is the STUBAI self-supporting roof covering. Separate the individual slats to each other without the need for special tools or special skills. Laying is also very time-efficient. STUBAI Roofing is designed for slopes of 5º.